Victory News 

I’ve been bad with updates here, Im just not all that computer savvy and am behind in several things!!

Mike & Nate (Doc x Bliss) finished their MACH in November, a big feat for any team, but for a 3 year old dog? super incredible!

Sad news, in April we lost our Freya just days after her 14th birthday, what a wonderful life and what a good girl!

Also in April, Barry & Xander get a Group 2 in the OH group! picture coming….

Kris & Tilt earned their CDX in 3 shows!

Mike & Nate the Great earn their Senior Hunter!!

Steve and Sarge earned their CD and BCAT!

Lots of trouble with website lately which means lots of news to catch up on, be patient it will take me some time!!

Kris & Tilt (Doc x Bliss) are up to 8 HITs (WOWOWOEEEE) and also earned his Nov agility STD and FAST titles!

Chris & Josey (Tango x Jelly) earned his SH!!!

Diane & Storm (Story x Cruise) earned her SH!!!

In the latest Camper news he and Marcia (Storm x Jelly) finished his CH and got his first GCH points out first time as a special!

Kris & Tilt (Doc x Bliss) have been kicking butt in the Novice ring and have 5 High In Trials to date, whoohooo, big congrats!!

Camper & Marcia (Storm x Jelly) got 2 majors at the Wine Country dog shows, yay and then Joe & Camper finished his JH at our local test!!

Diane and Stormy (Story x Cruise) earned their first SH leg at our local test!!

Chris & Josey (Tango x Jelly) earned their first 2 SH legs!!

Bob & Keeper (Doc x Bliss) earned a JH leg at our test!

Ava (Junior Handler) and her friend Pink (Storm x Jelly) earned 2 JH legs at our local test, Ava did an awesome job!

Mary & Lola (Storm x Jelly) earned 3 JH legs and their WC this summer!

Today was a special day as I had lunch with Eve who is 15 years and 10 months! She looks awesome and is a real tribute to her parents, Geri & Doug. Victory Even Keel! Sadly we lost Eve one month later, a great life but never long enough...

Victory teams have been VERY VERY busy the last couple weeks…. 

Steve & Emma (Captain x Freya) are the 1st Victory Master Hunter Upland (MHU), yahhoooo!!

Diana & Ella (Quaker x Cruise) earned their 1st MH leg in CO!!

Kris & Tilt (Doc x Bliss) have their first 2 CD legs with two 198.5 scores!!!

Don & Peat (Cody x Bliss) earned their Championship AND their CD with placements!!

Jim & Penny (Quaker x Cruise) AND Mike & Nate (the great) (Doc x Bliss) made the top 10 list for flat-coats for the 2022 agility invitational, whooohooo!

In the Agility Powerscore ranking (these are the spped demons ;-)), Jim & Penny are #1 in 20”, Bobbie & Styx (Kane x CeCe)are #3 and Mike & Nate are #6 in 24”, Whooohhoooooo

Bari & Xander (Doc & Bliss) finish his CH with a Best of Breed, yahooo!!!! Here he is celebrating with his new friend the Aussie ;-) HAHA


Keeper (Doc x Bliss) takes a day off from therapy work with Jill to earn his WC with Bob!!! big congrats!

Kathy & Doc win BOB Owner Handler out of the Intermediate Hunting Retriever Class, yahoo such fun!! 


Jim and Penny (Quaker x Cruise) are the #1 flat-coat team in 20” agility  AND Bobbie and Styx are #2 team in 24” ranked by PowerScore, yahhoooo

Bari and Xander (Doc & Bliss) have been kicking butt in the show ring and won a major and several more single points ;-))

Kris and Tilt (Doc x Bliss) won another major to finish his CH with 4 majors and then went BOB the next day!!YAHOOO, BIG CONGRATS!!

Eva Diva is 15-1/2, I think thats worthy of celebration ;-)

Kris and Tilt won in the breed ring again and are now at 14 CH points with 3 majors, whooohooo!!!

Mike & Nate (the Great ;-)) get their first SH leg and also kick some butt in agility at the Premier level, go guys!!


Jim & Penny are invited to the AKC Agility Premier Cup on May 15th, very cool!!!

Pink & Spirit get their first 2 JH legs… (Pink pictured, photo by Nicole Diercks)

Judy - 1

HUGE CONGRATS to Jim & Penny (P Litter), they ended up #1 AKC agility flat-coat rated by speed!!!

Happy 12th Birthday to Ezel & Gabe!!

Ezel's 12th Birthday

look at these cuties earning Maker’s Trick Dog Novice title!! big congrats!


Bad Bad Bad Cat….


Lots of birthdays! The Q litter turned 2 on December 12th!  The O litter turned 5 on January 11th and the J litter turned 9 on Jan 16th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDS!!!!

The I litter turned 9 on Dec 9th and the L litter turned 6 on Dec 23rd!! Happy Birthday kids ;-)

Happy 10th Birthday to the H litter!

A HUGE Happy 15th Birthday to Eve, loved and pampered by Geri & Doug on 11/12. 


Thank goodness we have owners doing things in October as we have been busy with puppies!!

Steve & Emma (Captain x Freya) finished their SH in 2 tests on the same day! Huge congrats!

Jim & Penny (Quaker x Cruise) finished their MACH!! More huge congrats!!

Amy & KD (previously known as Jazz ;-)) earn their JH, yahooooo

Happy 13th to Flash & Maude (F litter!!)


Jazz and Amy get 2 JH legs, yahoo!


Nate the Great (Doc x Bliss) is now a JH AND a NA. He and Mike also got 2 Open STD legs, 2 Open Jumpers, 2 Nov Fast and 4 more T2B!! Many first places too! 

Flyer & Helenmary earn his Trick Dog Novice!

More Fun news from the last 2 weeks! 

Nate the Great (Doc x Bliss) and Mike earned 2 JH legs and then in agility earned his NAJ title, 2 NA legs and 3 TBD legs, ALL with first places, awesome!

AND in the BIG NEWS, Doc and Kathy earned his SH title, YAHHOOOO!

Cody and Bliss are having puppies, yippeee!! Due 8/22… fingers crossed for healthy mom and babies

Tilt and Kris earned his 2nd major at one of the first dog shows of 2020!! Yippee!

Tilt before 2nd major

Look at what Keeper and Jill have done,they are 

certified to be a Therapy Dog team and are ready to do 

visits, even with COVID 19!! Yahoo guys!


Fun weekend at the CRFCRC Supported Entry! Julie (Sparks x Blue) was Best Veteran in Sweepstakes (9-11 class) and Gabe  (Naik x Solo) was Best of Opp (11+) for his 2nd time ever in the breed ring!

Julie BVIS MSDA 2020

She Devil (aka Pink) was on her best behavior and was Best in Sweepstakes.

Pink Best in Sweeps MSDA 2020

Fun news on Cody (Story x Cruise) AND Ella (Quaker x Cruise) they are both new Grand CH!!!! Yay, big congrats

Great news from the AKC Obedience Invitational!! Diane & Storm WIN Utility, whoooohoooo!!!!!


Holy Cow! Mary & Roxie go HIT from Open A...


Steve and Emma do it again! WCX and CDX in a matter of weeks!! Pretty amazing and the picture below says it all...

At the same obedience trial Diane and Storm win OB and UB and are HIT and HC. Great way for both teams to end the year!!


In BIG news, Helena and Porter obtained the Nosework 3 Elite title (NW3-E). They are only the 11th FCR team to earn this title since 2012.VERY COOL and HUGE CONGRATS!!

Steve and Emma changed from field to obedience and got their first CDX leg, wow!!

Steve and Emma kicked butt and got their second SH leg,Yahhooo!

Tilt & Kris cleaned up at the MAFCRC supported entry going Best in Sweepstakes AND taking Winners Dog under Michael Faukner for a major, HUGE congrats!!

I have more heartbreaking news. We lost our Jelly to hemangiosarcoma on Oct 1st. I didn’t think I had enough big pieces left in my heart to break, but alas I did… 

AWESOME!!!! Diane & Stormy win Utility B to finish their OTCH, WoooooHoooooo!!

IMG 2385

Some good news from today!! Kris Main and Tilt are Winners Dog in their very first dog show, We are so proud and we needed some news like this! They were RWD the next day WOW!


we have some heartbreaking news, we lost our beautiful Party to very aggressive cancer at just under 3 years of age. I still cant believe it….


Going through old pictures from fall 2006, 

L to R (Beckett, Solo & Blue) 3 generations 

I made the oldies pose for a birthday photo, poor dears ;-)

(Eve 13-1/2, CeCe 11-3/4, Julie 8-1/2 and Cruise 10-1/2)

Eve came for my birthday party, thanks Eve, love you!


Steve and Emma get their first SH leg!! Yay, big congrats!


We had such fun at the CRFCRC fun match with Geri, Doug, Helenmary and the STAR Eva Diva who, at 13-1/2 and her conformation debut won Best of Opposite Sex Veteran beating Cruise and Freya ;-))


Porter and Helena earned the NW3 nosework title! We are super impressed, congrats!!

Yesterday we let our good friend Gent go, he was 13-1/2 and not sick, just old and he told us it was time. Here he is below with Tasha from our Q litter, he will be sorely missed...


The Victory R litter is here! Go to the Victory R page for photos!!


Ella and Diana finished her Championship in Colorado this weekend AND then picked up 11 Grand CH points, whooo hooo!!! 


Diane and Storm won Open B and picked up some more OTCH points last weekend, HUGE congrats!

Jelly is due March 19th, Fingers crossed we will have healthy puppies, but it will be a small litter. For info, go to future litters page

Doc x Bliss puppies have arrived! go see at Q Litter page


Emma and Steve finished up rocking 2018 with 3 new titles, CD RE and TKA!!

Diane and Storm finished their UD with another great showing and earned their first OTCH points, wow!

Helenmary and Flyer are Select Dog 4 out of 4 days of the supported entry weekend with some pretty tough competition! They then finished his GCH this past weekend which was his 7th SD out of 7 shows!!


Emma and Steve earn their SHU title in some pretty cold fall weather, big congrats!

BLISS IS PREGNANT!!!! YAY, we saw 8 on the utrasound today!! Due date is December 13th!


We also chose a sire for Jelly’s litter, go look at Future Litters to see...

Cruisey and her fav stand in handler Nikki were Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at our CRFCRC supported entry!!

Emma and Steve earned 2 Senior Hunter Upland legs this past weekend, whooohooo 


 And…. Storm and Diane earn another HIT this time in Utility!!! so far they have gotten HIT in Novice, Open and now Utility, pretty awesome!!

Pippin and Joyce get their JH, whooohoo! 


Styx finishes his CH today!! Yay, he is now CH Victory’s Love at First Sight. BIG congrats to Bobbie and Styx!


Sirius is a new JH!! huge congrats to Liz and Sirius!

and in WI, brother Pippin and Joyce get another JH leg!!

FABULOUS RESULTS from the FCRSA National Specialty!! 

Victory’s Diligent Mariner SH WCX strutted his stuff at 12-1/2 and placed 3rd in Veteran Sweepstakes.

Victory’s Fulbright @ Brookmoor CD MXP MJP WC Q’d in Rally Nov with a perfect score!

Victory’s Gabriel’s Song CD BN RE CGC, at his very first FCRSA Specialty, WON the very competitive Veterans Obedience class!


MACH2 Victory’s Golconda MH MXS MJG NF T2B WCX HOF Q’d in T2B preferred and placed 4th in Gun Dog MH Sweepstakes!

GCH Victory’s Gone Sailing CD BN RN MH WCX HOF had a good week earning a SH leg, Q’d in WCX and earned a JAM in Steady Singles! She went on to place 3rd in 9-11 Veteran Sweepstakes, 2nd in Gun Dog MH Sweepstakes and finished the week by being inducted into the Hall of Fame!

CH Victory’s the Hills Are Alive SH WCX placed 4th in Gun Dog SH Sweepstakes!

GCH Victory’s High Wind Warning CDX BN RE OA OAJP OF THDN placed 2nd in FAST Excellent Preferred, earned a RAE leg by Q’ing in Rally Adv and Rally Exc and helped WIN Team Obedience.

GCH Victory’s Jelly Side Up CD RA SH WCX Q’d in WCX, earned a JAM in Steady Singles and placed 3rd in Gun Dog SH Sweepstakes!

GCHS Victory’s Just What the Doctor Ordered BN RN CD JH WCX WON the Gun Dog Sweepstakes JH class and went on to BOS in Gun Dog Sweepstakes!!

Victory’s Ketch’N A Storm CDX JH WC earned her WC and a JAM in USS B, WON the Open A Class and FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW went HIGH IN TRIAL in Obedience!

CH Victory’s Kodiak Grin N Bear It CDX JH WC earned a JH leg, Q’d in WC, earned a JAM in USS B and placed 3rd in Grad Novice!

Victory Love That Edward Hopper WC earned a JH leg, a JAM in USS B and WON the FAST Novice class in agility.

Victory’s M RN JH CGCA TKN WC earned a JH leg, Q’d in WC, a JAM in USS B, placed 2nd in Rally Adv, Q’d in Beg Nov and earned the magical Tri-Wizard Award!

Victory McHenry’s Star Spangled Banner earned his WC and a JAM in USS B!

Victory’s Ocean Explorer JH WC earned a JH leg, Q’d in WC and earned a JAM in USS B!

Victory’s Outlaw Josey Wails JH WC Q’d in WC!

Victory’s Peregrin Took @ Brookmoor WC was on fire! He earned a JH leg, his WC, Q’d in both Rally Nov classes, Q’d in Beg Nov, placed 3rd in AOH and earned the magical Tri-Wizard Award! 


               Doc looks adoringly at Kathy 

Cody and Don finish their CDX, whooo guys!

Storm and Diane finish their CDX with another High in Trial!!


Storm and brother Cody both have 2 CDX legs competing the same weekend, several states apart! They are Story x Cruisey pups!

Steve and Emma (Captain x Freya) have done some awesome work and earned a BN, RN, CD and JH and WC in the last year and I might have missed a trick title along the way!!

HUGE news from Orlando AKC Obedience Classic!! Diane and Storm were 3rd in a huge incredibly talented group of Novice dogs, we are so in awe of them. This is all the top top trainers and dogs in the country and they are third after winning a run off, huge CONGRATS!! 


To finish off the year Cruise finished her CD and now qualifies for the FCRSA Hall of Fame!

Cruisey and I finished her Master Hunter title on 11/5, I am so proud of her! She is our first GRAND CH MH!!


Sirius (Quaker x Cruise) and Liz kicked some butt in the breed ring this past weekend earning WD/BW for 5 points each day, WOWOWWW! Sister Party managed a 5 point major that same weekend, albeit, several thousand miles away ;-)

Porter (JoJo x Julie) and Helena earned their BN and got a Rally Novice leg, lovely work!

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